5 Things Pet Owners Should Consider When Getting New Floors

Having a pet friendly home can be a struggle, especially when you are speaking about hardwood flooring. Your beautiful wood floors end up looking dull and scratched from the constant wear and tear created by your pet. There are several pet friendly flooring options available on the market. But which is best for your home? And how can you help prevent the destruction of your hardwood flooring? Here are five things for pet owners to consider when getting new flooring in your home.

1. Wear & Tear

When looking for flooring when you have a pet, consider what type of wear and tear you will most likely see with your pet. Does your cat scratch at the carpet? Does your dog track in mud? Consider the wear and tear that your new flooring will see. If it is dirt and mud you are afraid of consider going with a tile flooring opposed to carpet. If your cat scratches your flooring a marble or stone flooring could be a great alternative.

2. Cleaning

Cleaning and maintenance is a major factor when considering new flooring. Pets as we all know love to shed and make a mess. If you have a long-haired pet you may not necessarily want to get carpet. A hard flooring option would be best for easy cleaning. Consider all the cleaning supplies you will need for your different floorings. Carpet will need a deep cleaning vacuum, wood floors will need to be polished, tiles washed. Think of what time commitment you want to cleaning your new flooring before you get a new one.

3. Durability

When you buy new flooring you are going to want it to last for many years to come. Considering the durability of your flooring is incredibly important, especially when you have pets to consider. Check into any warranties or guarantees the manufacturer might offer on their products.

4. Features

Another thing to think of when looking for flooring is if there are any special features. Does this carpet have stain resistant technology? Or does this hardwood floor have an extra sealant protection. Having pet friendly features has become very common for many manufacturers, so take a look into what they have available.

5. Price

Everyone is concerned with the cost of getting new flooring. I mean who isn’t? Consider flooring that allows payment plans or discounts. Many times companies will give a larger discount if you get more than one room re-floored. Consider doing multiple rooms done at the same time to save more.

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