10 Creative Interior Flooring Designs To Knock Your Socks Off

Are you bored of the same old interior flooring styles? If you’re looking for something more than a traditional tile, wood, or carpet floor options, a little creativity could spice up your floor decor into something that will knock you and your guests’ socks off. Here are 10 awesome floor ideas that are far from ordinary.

Carpet Squares Flooring

If you can’t commit to a floor type, carpet tiles could be a great option. These tiles can be placed in any pattern and come in a ton of different styles. If you have kids, it’s also great knowing that you can just switch out a carpet tile if there happens to be a stain on it that you can’t get out.

carpet squares flooring












Penny Flooring

Most people toss their pennies in a jar or to the bottom of a drawer somewhere, but there’s a new use for them that will have you hoarding every penny you come across. Penny floors are tedious, but the result is well worth it if you have the patience. The cost is just however many pennies you have to lay on your floor, and if you’re like many people, you probably have a bucket of them laying around somewhere anyway.

penny flooring


Concrete Interior Flooring

Concrete is not just for basements anymore, and the amount of design features you can do with the durable surface is unlimited. Paint it, stain it, or polish it for a unique color choice that will last for a long time. Aside from how great it looks, concrete will last for a long time and is a relatively cheap alternative to hardwood or carpet.

concrete flooring


Painted Flooring

Paint is usually reserved for the walls, but painted floors can be a colorful and great alternative to traditional floors. Paint over hardwood or laminate to completely reface something old into something new again.

painted flooring



Reclaimed Barnwood Flooring

If you want something more rustic and less uniform than traditional hardwood floors, find some old reclaimed barnwood to use instead. The result should have visible wear and tear to add character and warmth into your home.

Reclaimed Barnwood flooring


Mosaic Flooring

A mosaic floor can be made from tile, ceramics, wood, river rock or any material that you dare to think of. The best thing about a mosaic floor is that there is no limit to the materials you can use to make your design. If you’re more of a creative type, designing your floor will be an adventure as you pick out a pattern that will stand out and create conversation. A mosaic tile floor can be relatively cheap as well.

Mosaic Flooring


Paper bag Flooring

Recycling has been taken to a whole new level with paper bag floors. Alternatively, builder’s craft paper that can be purchased at your home renovation store works just as well and can be easier than saving paper bags from your grocery trips. The best thing about this option is the price. Even with all of the necessary tools needed, your floor could come in under $50 for all of the materials.

paper bag flooring


Leather Belt Flooring

This next idea will have you wanting to hit up every thrift store in your area for leather belts. If you’re truly wanting something different, leather belts can line your floor to create a smooth feeling alternative to wood or carpet.

leather belt flooring


Wood Stump Flooring

Want something rustic and truly unique? Wood stumps can be used as flooring to make a rustic appearance as well as create a statement piece. Make sure the wood is treated and bug free before you use it so you don’t have any unwelcome critters in your home.

wood stump flooring


Bottle Cap Flooring

Using bottle caps as flooring is a great way to save otherwise useless materials from the trash. They make the floor colorful and tell a story all in themselves, and are pretty easy to install as well.

bottle cap flooring


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